Halloween Treat Tags

    Hello guys.  Halloween is around the corner.  If you’re like me, I wait everything last minute hoping that I can do some kind of magic. These Halloween treat tags I made will hopefully help you out a little bit this year in terms of preparartion.

    You can download the letter size halloweentags_lettersize

    Sorry in advance for the letter size for using two sheets of paper.  I tried to squeeze it in, but my cuts weren’t even.  The A4 size should be okay. You can download the  A4 size halloweentags_A4size

    So, when I cut it and everything, the dimensions are like L 3.5 inches and W is 4.5 inches.  Just fold it in half and attach it to a goodie bag.  Also, remember that because of the difference in printers and monitors, the printables might vary. Mine totally came out different than my file.

    Ah!  Hopefully I won’t wait around so much and do everything Halloween related the last two weeks of October.

    Happy Halloween ya’ll.  Be safe out there as always.  Let me know if the printables worked out for you.


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