Valentine’s Day 2018

    matchmadeinheaven.png (5 downloads) Hey guys! Two more days and it’s Valentine’s Day.  What are you guys doing?  As for me, the hubs and I agreed that this year we will do absolutely nothing for Valentine’s.  We simply have so much going on that another expense would be an unwise decision.  Valentine’s Day 2018 will be super low key and it doesn’t matter as long as your love is true.

    In celebrating the day, I’m giving out a free desktop wallpaper for free.  I hope that this will inspire all of you and I hope that all of you have found your true match.  If you haven’t yet, don’t lose hope, he/she is out there.  Everything needs to line up first in order for the perfect match to come.  I’ve waited for mine for almost a decade.  I was getting impatient, but now I know all the reasons why he had not come right away.  It was simply not the right time.  So, work on yourself, love yourself, because only if you love yourself you’re able to love another person.

    I definitely was looking for him, trying to read all the signs around me.  I was trying too hard.  One day, I said to myself, that’s it.  I will stop.  I need to concentrate on my self and be better and what do you know Mr. Right came.  We are happily married after two years.  That’s my sappy story.  Don’t give up.

    Love one another.  It’s the best thing there is in life.  I love all of you.

    Happy Valentine’s Day.  Enjoy



    download matchmadeinheaven-2.png


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