11 Month Old Baby

My 11 month old baby doesn’t sleep.  Since day one she kept the whole maternity ward awake.  She was the one baby that woke everybody up.  I have been patient thinking that as she gets older she will eventually sleep and mommy can feel a little bit better.  I was wrong, of course she won’t do that.  Right now her sleeping schedule is, by 8:30-9 it’s bed time.  By that time, I’ve already fed her, bathe her and given her the last bottle of the day.  She has a little schedule going and 99% of the time she sticks to that schedule.  I’d say that’s pretty good since she had that schedule since about 6 months.  But for the life of me, she doesn’t sleep through the night.  I’ve read countless articles about baby sleep pattern and tricks to make them sleep through the night and none of it works.  What kind of a baby do I have?  Sometimes I think I have a monster baby. lol.

Others suggested that I let her cry it out.  Been there, done that.  That didn’t work.  I only found her sweaty and really red, so I don’t think that’s very healthy.  And if she cries her self to sleep, somehow she is really stressed out and we’re in the same dilemma-wakes up every 2-3 hours and she’s more fussy.  I’m exhausted to the point I don’t remember anything.  I don’t even remember what happened last night or this morning.  I’m just cruising along all day trying to make meals for the family, making sure everybody’s got clean clothes to wear, etc.  Everyone is saying it will get easier through time.  I’m beginning to think this will not happen to me.

I found this sample schedule for 11 month old baby from  I’ll include her sleeping schedule next to this.

Example Schedule 1

7:00 – Wake and Breast milk or Formula –Wake up at 6am sometimes before 6am if I’m lucky 6:50ish almost 7
9:00 – Breakfast- She has breakfast with big sis 7:45 to 8am
10:00 or 10:30 – Morning Nap (at least 1 hour)–What nap? haha. She will have a bottle
11:00 – Breast milk or Formula plus snack– Play
1:00 – Lunch-12-12:30 Lunch, then nap at 1:00 ish with bottle
2:00 or 2:30 – Early Afternoon Nap (at least 1 hour)– Awake
3:00 – Breast milk or Formula plus snack–Awake, yeah she might ask for a bottle
5:00 – Dinner–5:30 Dinner
6:15 – Begin bedtime routine- Yes, around 6:30 ish for her
7:00 – Breast milk or Formula and Bedtime (goal to be asleep at this time)–7:49 she starts getting sleepy leading to 8:30 bedtime.  Sometimes though she’s pushing it to 9 or 10 and once in a while 11pm!

So as you can see, it’s pretty close.  When she sleeps at 8:30-9pm by 1:45am or so she’s awake then she cries here and there, wanting to sleep on me, for hours.  I would sleep, finally at 4 something in the morning and the whole routine of the day starts all over again.

Example Schedule 2

7:00 – Wake
7:15 – Breakfast plus Breast milk / Formula feeding
9:15 – Snack
10:00 or 10:30 – Morning Nap (at least 1 hour)
12:00 – Lunch plus Breast milk / Formula feeding
2:00 or 2:30 – Afternoon Nap (at least 1 hour)
3:30 – Snack
5:00 – Dinner plus Breast milk / Formula feeding
6:15 – Begin bedtime routine
7:00 – Small BM/Formula feeding (possibly) and Bedtime (goal to be asleep at this time)

There you have it.  One day she will sleep for me and until then I’ll just have to keep on treading.  At this point I am not paying attention to what other people are saying about sleep pattern at her age.  I still read about what’s out there to have a guage what’s happening with my baby or me and make sure I’m not really going crazy.  I hope you guys find comfort in knowing that you are not alone and other’s situation is different.  One day we will all have sleep and feel normal again.

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