20 Items Every Crafter/Artists Should Have

For most creatives like me, when sitting down on the couch watching tv or watching your kids make a whole lot of mess, and yet you can’t stop them, our minds produce a plethora of ideas.  As a crafter/artist my mind is constantly coming up with new ideas or designs, and it’s just a matter of time to make it tangible.

It is frustrating when you have time constraints or other reasons why you can’t create.  For me it’s mainly about something so silly like leaving my tools and other art supply in another country.  See, during my move to my new country, I was pregnant.  Because of it, I really didn’t care about the things I needed to bring. All I cared about was when to sleep or eat.  I didn’t think much of my most valued possessions at the time.

Now, I’m regretting that I didn’t bring all of my 12×24 different type of drawing paper, polymer clay, and for goodness sake my jewelry tools! I love making jewelry.  Those were few of the things I left, and honest to goodness, I’ll continue to dislike myself if I try to remember all the things I left behind.

Replacing them is even tougher.  I can’t just buy them all at once.  It took me a long time to accumulate my arts and crafts materials before.  So, n0w I am starting from scratch.  I’ve listed 20 basic items a crafter/artist should start with.  And trust me, you might think some of the items on the list you don’t need now but, it’s nice to have it around for when you have that brilliant idea one day and you’re just itching to create.

Here is my shopping list with 20 items to start with: (in no particular order of importance)

X-ACTO knife

Card stock


Wires, jewelry wire

Jewelry findings

Jewelry tools


Polymer clay

Painter’s tape

Hot glue gun





Spray paint

Brushes (different types, art brush, paint brush, etc.)

Mod podge


Staple gun

Pinking shears scissors

The list will just keep growing and growing, but in the mean time, start off with that.  I know depending on what you do, your list might vary.

However, I think that most crafter/artist in different talents would have most items on this list. You can download The Beginner’s Crafter List printable to start listing what you need to get.  I hope this helps you find that feeling when you need to create something.  Happy shopping!










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    I confirm the list will be growing 🙂

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