3 Places To Go To In Wiltshire, England

Hi guys. How ya doin? I haven’t really been posting lately, because I’ve hit a lazy spot. I haven’t been feeling motivated for couple of weeks now. The DIY project I wanted to do and share is not panning out either. But you know, things are not always going to be rosy right?

Luckily, we’ve had a two weeks off for Easter holidays and term break from school, so I had the chance to relax and enjoy my family.  The family had been doing a lot of checking out places around our area in Wiltshire, England. We’ve checked out Dyrham Park which sits on a 270 acres piece of ancient parkland on which a 17th century house of William Blathwayt sits.

William Blathwayt (1649-1717) was a civil servant and politician who established the War Office as a department of the British Government and played an important part in administering the English (later British) colonies of North America (Wikipedia).

This place is truly amazing, complete with a Dutch-inspired water gardens.

When I saw this garden, I was in awe.  I’ve never seen a garden so well kept and truly brought me to my imagination world–an English movie set in the 18th century where women walk along the garden, men following them to court them. haha.  But in all honesty, though, I don’t have words to describe it.  One has to just see and feel what this place has to offer.  And believe me, they have got lots to offer, from building a den for kids to sight seeing Fallow deers and many more.

Over the break, we also visited an 18th century landscape in Bath, England-Prior Park.  This place is naturally beautiful 18th century garden ideal for walking and having a picnic.  The garden was created by Bath entrepreneur and philanthropist Ralph Allen with the advice from poet Alexander Pope and Lancelot Brown.

As we walked uphill  you could see the valley with majestic views of Bath city.  On the site there is a Palladian Bridge, one of only four in the world!  And I was excited to know that you could walk through this bridge despite it being really old.

Since we just moved in this area, we didn’t really plan on going on a vacation somewhere far over the break. We knew that this place has lots to offer.  Just visiting a random little town will almost always guarantee a new discovery full of history.  For instance, we went to a place called Bradford-on-Avon, which is to the west of Wiltshire, England.  This town can trace its roots back to Roman origins.  There are lots of historic buildings to see.  There are shops, restaurants, and it doesn’t fall short of magnificent views.

Bradford on Avon is a lovely place. First stop, we went to an old tea room called The Bridge Tea Rooms opened since 1502! I’ve never seen such a little door in an establishment that you hear the staff saying “mind your head.”   It’s so charming inside, walls are decorated with old paintings and such.  I wouldn’t really want to talk about toilets, however, I’ve never seen a tinny tiny sink in the bathroom. It was so cute.  Anyway, back to the tea room, it’s so relaxing sipping your tea and listening to  a classical harp music.

I think, because of the music, Baba, my baby, sat on a big chair and ate her scones.  She didn’t need a high chair and it was the first time she’s sat the whole time we were there and not give us a hard time. Which is awesome and really helped us a lot in enjoying our tea. We’re also hopeful that we can go in a lot of tea adventures if she keeps up the good behavior. 

There’s a lot of variety to choose from The Bridge Tea Room’s menu.  There’s classic jack potato, lots of sandwiches, but me and the Hub opted for scones with blue currants and strawberry jams with cream.  I opted for an aromatic tea-Rose Pouchon, a Chinese rose infused tea and he got the Russian Caravan tea. My tea was expectedly fragrant and although it wasn’t a bad taste, I felt like I was drinking perfume. I tied his tea, it was light and clean to the taste and honestly I like his better. Still I enjoyed mine ’til the last drop. 

After we had tea, we walked around the town enjoying the scenery Bradford-on-Avon has to offer. It offered lots from pottery shops, antique stores, farm stores. The place didn’t fall short on restaurants either. Lots of restaurant to choose from. There are sandwich shops, coffee shops for every budget. 

Here are some of the views on Bradford-on-Avon.

If you happen to come around this area, check these three places out and you won’t be disappointed.  Enjoy the scenery as it will take you back in time.  Bye for now.



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