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5 Easy Household DIY For Spring

I love an easy household DIY especially for spring.  It gives me much satisfaction that I took time creating something I enjoy.  Especially that it is almost spring, the weather is getting warmer, and it’s getting a lot lighter outside.  It makes me want to add fresh items around the house without breaking the bank.  So good bye winter blues, hello beautiful spring.  I hope that these easy household DIY for spring will inspire everyone.

1. Towel ring

Spoon Fork Bacon created this simple to make DIY towel ring to give your kitchen or bathroom a pop of color.  The wooden beads dipped in blue ink and the touch of leather as the hook   gives this item the balance of luxury and simplicity.

2. Raffia coasters

I’ve been seeing a lot of DIY coasters on Pinterest.   Almost all the bloggers out there are making coasters of different materials from tiles to clay and more.  Making it with a lighter material such as Raffia is a nice change and it gives it a springy feel to it.  Plus, you can enjoy this project much longer, way in to the summer, because it’s bright and cheery.  Check out for the complete instructions on how to make this awesomeness!

3. Square hanging planter

Come on it’s spring!  Even if you’re not a gardener, when it’s around this season everyone wants to plant or have something that has life.  A planter as simple as this will give your plant a lovely home and light up any space in the house life.  Check out FALL FOR DIY‘s easy enough to make square planter.  I love the simplicity of this planter and honest to goodness,  without previous experience in carpentry, I think I can tackle this diy.

4. Tetrapack vase

I love ingenious ways to recycle something.  I’ve always like packaging, especially waxed milk or orange juice cartoon.  I’ve seen it used as a mold in candle making, but I’ve never seen it used as a vase.  And that’s why the  super easy to make Tetrapack vase by Rosey & Grey made it on this list.


5. DIY Bath Bomb

After making all the wonderful easy DIYs for spring it’s time to pamper yourself and revel your creations by soaking in the bath with this easy DIY bath bomb. Just click the link for complete instructions here.  You can change the essential oils to your liking.  Have fun as always!



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