7 Things I Like For Spring Roundup

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Just around the corner it’s Spring.  We’re in the beginning of March and definitely I’m feeling very springy.  It’s time to Spring clean, declutter, decorate, and I feel the need to shop for the new house and maybe for myself also.  So, here is a roundup for the things I like for Spring.





I’ve been wanting these white ceramic pots for so long.  This will go on my window sill in the kitchen and will be planting herbs, again.  I’ve planted herbs before, but most of them died. The last herb standing was a poor looking Basil that my husband begged me not to bring to the new house.  It was so hard for me to part ways with it, because it was still alive.  My husband and I agreed that I plant it somewhere.  I hope it will thrived and the gardener will not uproot it.





The circular mirror I chose for this roundup because I’ve seen it in every minimalist interior design.  I thought I’d have my own, although I’m not liking the chain too much, I can take it off and attach a leather strap instead.  Hmmm, another DIY project for me!



I’m really loving this black and white trellis shag rug.  This would be so perfect in the entry way, since it’s looking a little bare right now.  And apparently this is advertised as stain resistant.  Upon reading this, my worries of it getting stained and muddy went away.  Gotta watch out for that here, because it’s always raining and hate getting the hallway wet and dirty.  I’m actually risking this in getting dirty cause it’s mainly white, but I love the look so much.


The floating shelves, well I’ll probably put it in the bathroom for more storage with style.  I love the look of rustic reclaimed look and again, I’ve been seeing this in a lot of farmhouse style, minimalist interior design.  If you can see my Pinterest, it’s loaded with these.



Another thing of priority in my list-curtains! I have a confession to make.  Living on base, you don’t really know what kind of furniture you’re getting, layout of the house, curtains, etc.  I could %100 percent guarantee you though, that curtains on base housing are hideous.  I’m afraid taking pictures of my kids and the background is the curtain, because I don’t want people to think that, that’s my style.  But every now and then, I post pics on Facebook and you’ll see a glimpse of the curtains and such, and when people ask me, a.k.a. family, I just explain to them that’s part of the house.  I have zero control of it.  Maybe this time the hub will get curtains.
The copper bud vase made it on my list, because it’s just so adorable and will definitely give character to any room.  Flowers are definitely blooming nowadays and there’s no reason to make your garden bald when you want to fill out your regular vase.  I say, one or two flowers will go a long way with bud vases.

I was going to stop at six items to get started with my Spring decoration, but you know when you’re going shopping and there’s this unexpected item that you must get?  The one thing that’s for you? Well, I found this and super interested in the things it could do-all in one moisturizer for your skin and lips.  Perfect item in your purse for Spring.   And I love the packaging too, since they don’t use plastic, is compostable and recyclable. This product is a win win for me and hey, it’s made in America!




As always, happy shopping 🙂


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  1. Minimalist ceramic pots with bamboo tray
  2. Round mirror
  3. Black and white entry way rug
  4. Rustic Pine wood floating shelves
  5. Copper bud vase
  6. Earth Tu Face skin stick


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    Great ideas!!

    March 4, 2017 at 4:19 pm
    • Reply pauloli

      Isn’t it? Simple things for Spring to make you happy 🙂

      March 6, 2017 at 12:52 pm

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