Easy DIY Raffia Statement Earrings

It’s beautiful outside.  Spring has really sprung, flowers everywhere.  It’s just absolutely beautiful to see all the vibrant colors nature provides.  Inspired by the sunny weather, I want to get my spring outfit out.  I want to get my sandals and accessories out and celebrate being alive.

Looking at what I have, I felt like I needed to freshen my wardrobe up with something.  Perhaps a new statement earrings.  Earlier, I browsed through a fashion site called Net-A-Porter to check out their jewelry line.  I found so many cute ones in there, but of course with bigger names come bigger price tags.  One particular earrings I stumbled upon was a pair perfect for spring-raffia earrings with parrot beads.

Honestly, if I wasn’t a starving artist I’d probably buy it ’cause it was so cute.  The price tag was more than $100 dollars though, so good bye cute earrings!  I checked out the details and see what materials they used.  Maybe, I thought, I can create my own.  Only raffia and beads were used. That’s it!  What a great idea!  It’s light, bright and oh so spring AND summer.  So, gather up your materials and start making this easy DIY raffia earrings.

In this tutorial, I wanted to make an easy and inexpensive statement earrings to add to any outfit.  Let’s start.


Materials you need:

Raffia ribbon-multi color

4 Jump rings

2 Earring hooks

Leather scraps


Tools you need:

Round nose jewelry pliers

Hook pulling needle




Nail or  round screw driver

Wood slice

Pen (working or not.  I used a dead pen so, it didn’t leave ink marks, finally a use for all the dead pens laying around :))


Here’s how to make it:

step one: Cut about an inch of leather scrap and cut it in half diagonally, giving you two triangle shapes.

step two: With the hammer, nail, and wood slice in hand, drive the nail/round nose screw driver through the leather piece to create the holes, starting at the top.

step three: Make the holes at the bottom of the triangle starting in the middle, then the corners, then doing it twice more in between for equal spacing (refer to the picture below) .

step four: Cut three inches of your multi colored raffia ribbon.

step five: Grab your needle tool, insert the raffia ribbons to one of the holes in the bottom of the triangle and pull your multi colored raffia ribbon through.

step six: Once all the strings are through, use a pen to make a loop and pull each strings to even it out as much as you can.

step seven: Grab the strings through the loop using the round nose pliers.

step eight: Repeat the process to all five holes.

step nine: Trim the edges with scissors.

step ten: Attach the jump rings, two on each earrings.

step 11: Attach the ear hook.

step twelve: Repeat steps for the other earrings.

step eleven: Finish!


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  • Reply Ellen Rose Fulton

    These earrings are great! 😉

    April 10, 2017 at 12:12 pm
    • Reply pauloli

      thank you, Ellen! Thank you for all your support.

      April 10, 2017 at 7:22 pm

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