Happy New Year!

Seven days into the new year and I haven’t said happy new year to all of you.  So, Happy New Year to all!  I wish everyone a safe, healthy and productive new year.

We always hear of a new year’s resolution and I’m sad to say that I don’t have one.  I dunno if I forgot to think of one or maybe I just didn’t care. Or maybe I thought if I didn’t make it I didn’t break it. haha.  No big deal though, I think as long as you keep focus on what you need to do and be good to everyone, there’s no need to have a new year’s resolution.

This year, it was the first time I’ve seen the London fireworks(on tv).  Most of my life I’ve seen the Time Square Ball Drop in NYC (on tv).  Now that I’m in Europe, it was nice seeing other cultures welcome the new year.  I was amazed by how long the London fireworks were.  It was in sync to the music playing  and lasted quite a long time.  It was a magnificent show.

I love staying at home and celebrating holidays with loved ones.  This year’s New Year Celebration was no different, We just kept it simple and stayed home; no more parties for a while.  My husband, my eldest daughter and I waited for midnight to come.  Once midnight hit, we watched the show and popped champagne.  After that, we lit sparklers and ran around the backyard just really enjoying time we spent together while welcoming 2017.

I hope that 2017 will be different in a good way.  I’m excited for the launch of this blog to connect and share ideas and keep being inspired.  I think when you are inspired, no matter how tiring your days are, you wake up and do everything happily and just keep on going.  When you are inspired you think of new ways, new ideas to hopefully influence people’s lives in a positive way.  So, I wanna take this chance to say thank you everybody for being in my life and for supporting what I do. You all keep me inspired 🙂  I hope that whatever I share on here will make your lives easier and fun.  Thank you for friends and family who remained patient with me and continue to support my new adventure, encouraging me to do what I love doing.

I believe 2017 will be an unforgettable year for me.  It’s only been a week into the year and already I am feeling the endless positive possibilities that it will bring.  I hope that we all remain productive in whatever we all are doing, we remain healthy and happy for the most part of the year, and cheers everyone for the new year!  Stay safe 🙂


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