I’m Taking A Leave

Hey guys!  I hope you’re all doing wonderful.  I didn’t want to have a hiatus, but I feel like in order to provide a better experience at What Polly Does, this needs to happen.  It is important to me that when you visit my website you are gaining something valuable and I want to respect your time even just by clicking and viewing what’s going on at my site.  So, I am taking a leave to make your experience better.

What I’ve been doing is researching how to make the site exciting, alive, and gaining more traffic.  And that all takes time.  I’m also expanding the website to have services or products to sell so that I can monetize my site. I want to help a lot of people, I can’t do that if I don’t have money.  It’s all a lot of brain storming right now, so you could imagine how distracted I am at this moment.

Also, right now I’m going to include videos to my posts, because sometimes I know people don’t want to read.  Personally, reading is one of my least favorite things to do unless it’s really good then I won’t eat until that thing is read.  I prefer watching videos too.  But anyway, my Youtube channel will be linked to my website in the future.

Besides all the things I’m planning, I’m thinking of maybe collaborating with a person to do fun and practical DIYs.  It won’t be a paid gig though, so you must really love it to join me 🙂  Let me know if you are interested.  Just shoot me an email at polly@whatpollydoes(dot)com

I hope everyone have fun because it’s almost summer.  Enjoy each other, because life is short.  I’ll try to enjoy the little sunshine we get in our neck of the woods.  Happy almost summer.  Bye for now.







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