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It’s definitely hard to get back on writing after taking a break.  For a while now I’ve been looking at the computer, wanting to turn it on, but life always happens.  As soon as I touch the computer, my little one battle with me to be on my lap and play with the computer….  So far in my life, Father’s Day has come and gone in which the family went to see Dunster Castle and Berkeley Castle. Miki’s school will be done in four days.  Thank goodness no more walking to and from school for six weeks.  And the little munchkin?  She is still potty training.  As for me?  Well, I’m still waiting for that day when I wake up without struggling, because I’ve had a good night sleep.  So far it hasn’t happened.

I’ve come across an article of why some women don’t have children.  They have different reasons from not having motherly instincts to choosing a career.  Though some women have children and still manage to have a career, I often wonder how they do that?  A woman who juggles everything is truly a wonder woman.  My mother did that, having a career and raising four kids.  I should have paid more attention on how she did it, I guess.  She is the definition of a super mom, wonder woman.

My career is put on hold, because I chose to be a devoted mother.  And I’m lucky to have a wonderful husband who supports me being a full time mommy.  I love my kids to death, but secretly I want a career, my own money, and want to feel like I contribute to the society and my hubby.  Do I regret having kids?  No way!  They are truly amazing and no job or money will be comparable or satisfying to have two amazing, beautiful children.

One day, I hope that a company is willing to invest time and money into hiring me.  As a mom, I can say, I’m hard working.  Taking breaks is not part of my job.  I’m on call 24/7.  I’m very devoted to my job and take pride in what I do.  The list could go on, honestly.  I’m the perfect candidate for any job.  So, future employer of mine, I will not disappoint you 🙂

This is good.  After couple of months of not writing, I feel pumped again.  My dreams are still alive.  Hence, I will create more printables to share and also will create my e-store soon.  So, stay tuned my friends.  I did miss you all 🙂

During my absence from blogging, my family has been busy touring England.  Here are some pics of the castles, Roman baths, and parks that we went to the last couple of months.

Dunster Castle…part of it.  ( Read about it here).

Dunster Castle

Me posing at The Roman Baths, Bath, England ( Read about The Roman Baths here )

Romans were onto something for sure!

Part of the Roman Bath built 2,000 years ago!

This was taken at Dyrham Park (Read about Dyrham Park here).


William Blathway’s House (Read about him here).

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