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Stonehenge Bucket List Check

This weekend was one of the most exciting days of my life.  I got to check one of my bucket list!  We went to Stonehenge,  one of the wonders of the world.  A prehistoric temple aligned on the movements of the sun,  built 4,500 years ago, Stonehenge is located in Wiltshire, England.

No one knows exactly what the purpose of Stonehenge.  But according to findings and research, people used it as an early burial site as well as sacrificial site.

There are also theories of how it was built  from Merlin who built it with the help of a giant to it being built by aliens.  It’s pretty funny what kind of explanations people come up with.

I don’t want to talk about what Stonehenge is and the significance.  If you want to read about Stonehenge, you can check it out here (it’s a wikipedia site.)

Another good site to check it out is the English Heritage site.

I will talk about how kid friendly it is.  You can definitely bring your stroller as there are paths leading to Stonehenge and around it.  My husband and I weren’t sure if we needed to bring the stroller as our 19 mos. old baby doesn’t want to sit in it.  We just decided to bring it to carry all of our stuff.

Stonehenge’s ample space is perfect for kids to run around and even perfect to have a picnic. My ten year old daughter and I ran around the grounds without bumping to tourists.  Wow! I can still feel my thighs hurting from the run.  It’s a good hurt though.

There are also buses that come and go every five minutes so, if you don’t want to walk, which you can totally do and enjoy the scenery, there is no problem.  The facility run the operation pretty efficiently.

One tip that I can give is, book your tickets online if you’re not a member of English Heritage, because the queue can be pretty long especially on a nice day.  We have membership, so we skipped through the line and we received free audio visitor guide.  It’s really helpful to just plan your trip early and get tickets online especially if you have kids.  Oh one more perk of having membership is not paying for parking.  It would have been five pounds.

The facility has a gift shop, exhibition room and dining area.  There’s ample parking also.  You really get your moneys worth.  Even if this in not on your bucket list, it’s just nice to visit.  When you do, enjoy 🙂 I definitely recommend this place.


Here are some pictures I’d like to share on my visit to Stonehenge

This is me trying to take a picture at the closest spot of Stonehenge while trying to prevent my 19 month old baby from escaping and going to the stones.


Me in my happy place.  Still can’t believe I got to see Stonehenge in person.  Super stoked!


On the site, near the entrance, when you come and visit, there is reconstructed Neolithic houses based on archeological discovery a mile near Stonehenge.  It shows how people, 4,500 years ago lived.  To know more about it, check it out here.

Okay, that’s my trip to Stonehenge.  I really really enjoyed it.  #bucketlistchecked 🙂

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