Trying To Be Productive

Ah! Finally, one daughter is in the school, the morning is looking great.  I’d like to do many things, clean the house, wash the dishes, put clothes away, you know the normal everyday stuff.  And oh did I mention I want to work on the website I’m working on and so excited to finish and share? Yes, so much to do so little time.  Did you ever feel like your list is just growing without getting anything done?  I’m at that right now, well mostly everyday.  I’m trying to be productive, but baby doesn’t sleep and constantly needs my attention.  What I’d like to know is how other stay at home moms get things done and keeping the house immaculate?  It seems impossible for me to get anything done these days.  Surprisingly enough, food still gets cooked, dishes washed, kids bathed, etc.

My mind just keeps filling up with to do list.  The rotting, moldy pumpkins from Halloween has been rotting away in front of the door, I dunno it’s been weeks.  It’s almost Thanksgiving.  I finally managed to get it in the trash.  I just had to put baby in the play pen (should have done that a long time ago, but you know priorities change).  I could hear her screaming, begging for me to hurry up and get inside, get her out of her “prison cell.” But yes, victory- the rotting pumpkins are gone, out in the trash for the garbage man to collect.  One might think it’s nothing, that it’s simple to do.  It’s hardly a job to get trash out, but when you have a baby, oh boy! things are much different. Simple things become difficult things to do.  I constantly have to juggle between what needs to get done first.  Especially when she is sleeping, I dunno if I should catch up on sleep, eat, go to the bathroom, clean, do laundry, shower. Yes, shower, haven’t showered in a while, I know it’s gross.  I still get cleaned, no worries. Maybe I’ll do that when she goes to sleep for like an hour.  So that means, showers need to be short so I can do other things around the house.  And when she wakes up, it’s entertaining her, giving cuddles, doing a bunch of other things between feeding and changing diapers.  What a life! But I would not trade it for anything in the world.  My kids are my pride and joy, despite not being able to sleep right and feeling like a zombie all the time, they are what keeps me alive and going.  To me that is productive.

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