We Are Moving! Again!

One year and seven months in the military life, and a lot has happened already.  We are moving again for the third time in less than two years!

I lived in a military town in Virginia Beach, I saw many friends come and go all the time.  I swore then that I will never marry in to a military life, because I hate moving.  Fast forward several years…I am married to a military man and find my self in the same predicament I tried to avoid before.  Sigh. But it’s not all bad.  Though I dislike change, ’cause I am the one who wants to settle in one place, stick to the same things I like for years, I like seeing new places and new things.  I use this opportunity to feed my mind with new ideas, new experiences, and a desire to create more things.

And I have decided this time, since we are staying for about two years, I am going to connect with other people, make new friends, and use this time to expose my girls to the environment.  I would love for them to soak in to the culture, experience English things, and go to the places where most travel far to get to.  I am not going to be a hermit!

So, we are moving near Bath, England.  My husband had a look lately and scoped out the area.  It’s much different from where we are at the moment.  This place is not in the middle of no where.  It’s much busier, lots of restaurants, theatre, shopping area.  Everything seemed close by, he said, and very accessible to public transportation. He told me, I could even go down the street from where I am living and at the end of the street there is a bus stop to go to Bath and even London! Wow!  What I change from my current home.

Though, I think, I will miss Cranwell, England.  It is beautiful and quiet and simple.  At one point, my backyard was a sugar beet farm, and loved watching the farmers grow them.  When the season changed, I saw the landscape changed from bare soil to luscious greenery, then to harvest time, when the soil became bare again, retaining it’s magnificent beauty.

I will miss Cranwell, England and the few people I met.  It was truly a nice experience for me and my girls. I learned that there are many accents in England.  Depending where the person is from, he or she will talk differently.  Most of the time, though they speak English, I had no clue what they were saying because of varying accents. In Cranwell, I learned how afraid I am to drive in narrow roads, almost hitting the curb or trash cans most of the time.  I am very afraid of the roundabout and I don’t know when I’m going to get over that fear.

Miki, adjusted well to this place and formed many friendships. I’m sure she knows she will probably  not see her friends ever again, but happy that she met them.  The last days before we move, she spent spending the night over at her friends’ house.  I did not see her for couple of days and for the first time I was okay with it.  I confess that I am more sad for her than she actually is.  She said she’s excited of the move.  I should just take that as she is really fine.  Having a well adjusted child makes the move a lot easier on the parents.

I will remember Cranwell as the place where we completed our family on the arrival of Baba.  She was born in Nottingham, but this is her home.  This is where she learned how to sit, crawl, walk, and celebrated her first birthday. Yes, Cranwell, England is a special place for all of us.

The next place we go to, I will enjoy it from day one and build fun memories right from the start.  I guess the lesson I’m learning being from a military family is, I have to seize the day, cherish every moment, value the simplest things, value each others time, because at a moment’s notice everything might change.  But wait a minute, one doesn’t have to be in a military family to learn that.  Everyone needs to learn that.  That is life, time is precious, be happy of what you have and be thankful always.

Good bye Cranwell.  See you soon next place! On to the next post.

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